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I am a highly experienced Health, Safety and Environmental Professional for Fortune 500 Companies. I love the challenge of ensuring HSE excellence in process, manufacturing and other heavy industry settings. The connection of EHS to Sustainability is a fascinating subject for me. I believe that the future of industrial organizations depends on the adoption of sustainable practices.

Guest Blogger: A Word to Millennials…From A Millennial

A guest post by Scott Unruh In the EHS profession and manufacturing industries in general, we are starting to see an influx of Millennials entering the workforce. These “Young Pups” (still a nickname of mine today), are joining the ranks … Continue reading

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Using the Digital Hawthorne Effect to Improve Safety at Work

I ran across a Fast Company article discussing a new 360 degree action camera that has been invented by former Apple Engineer Paul Alioshin.  What’s new about is is the ease in which it captures events from all angles.  The device is … Continue reading

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International EHS Collaboration: A Discussion with Darryl Hill

I had the opportunity recently to talk with Darryl Hill about his upcoming participation in HSE Excellence Europe, May 20-22, Vienna, Austria. You may know Darryl from his work with the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). His involvement includes a … Continue reading

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Leadership 101: Increase your Influence with Critical Questions

As a staff member on the organizational chart, many EHS Pros don’t ask critical questions of line staff at decisive moments.  This is a missed opportunity to be influential during key decision making processes. By not constructively challenging the status-quo … Continue reading

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What Does the EU Have for You?

Are you looking for some new perspectives on HSE processes and systems?  With those new perspectives come new ideas as well. Something to differentiate you and your organization from the pack.  Innovation is more than just a way to pad … Continue reading

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Is EHS Verging on Disruption?

If you’re in EHS Cop mode your job is about to be disrupted!  A convergence of technologies is occurring that will have a profound impact on the future of our workplaces as EHS professionals and employees.  Today I want to focus on several … Continue reading

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Evolving Fear into Function

A professional associate and close friend of mine recently earned the honor of speaking at TEDx Lausanne.  His topic was Evolving Fear into Function, which is a pretty provocative subject for a professional whose focus revolves around decreasing risk.  My friend’s name is Andrew … Continue reading

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Becoming Intimate with Safety at 5000 Feet

I recently completed flight training to become certified as a Private Pilot.  This has been a life-long dream for me and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to pursue it.  Before I go further I have to … Continue reading

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Union Carbide: Accidental Giant – Part 1

I have been very interested in Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) for a long time.  As a child I saw their huge plants as meccas for the production of modern materials our society was/is built out of.  My first job as … Continue reading

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EHS&S Passion – Where From?

I was recently asked this question: where did I get my passion for EHS&S?  This question comes up every now and then.  Did it come from school?  Was my Dad an EHS&S Pro?  Did I want to be a Fireman when … Continue reading

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