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Organizational Design for Safety: What Works

I was recently in a conversation with a peer in our field who I greatly respect. We were discussing the most effective organizational design in large, multi-site, manufacturing enterprises to maximize the EHS performance. He was considering if the current … Continue reading

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UP Steam Shop Tour: The Beauty and Art of Heavy Industry

Another outgrowth of my model railroad hobby is my life long interest in the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) 4000 class of steam locomotives. These are commonly known as the “Union Pacific Big Boys”. They were created in the American Locomotive … Continue reading

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Gaining Old School Skills for the EHS Profession

A holiday tradition in my family is the Christmas train layout under the tree. It started with the birth of my son 20 years ago now. Each year we add to the layout. Truth be told though, it’s more about … Continue reading

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Sustainability of EHS: Educating the Next Generation of Safety Professionals

I was recently asked by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) to assist them in the creation of video lectures regarding a wide range of subjects related to excellence in the practice of occupational safety and health in America’s … Continue reading

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Business Rediscovers that It’s About More than Maximizing Shareholder Wealth

A leading business association just published an updated definition of the purpose of a corporation that represents a paradigm shift in corporate governance.  The Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies.  For over 30 … Continue reading

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Safety in Aviation and Beyond

In the Fall of each year the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) publishes a pair of reports on accident trends and safety in aviation.  The reports are published though AOPA’s Air Safety Institute.  The reports are the Joseph T. Null … Continue reading

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Successful Job Transitions for HSE Pros

Seasoned professionals know that there is a method to the madness of a transition into a new role. Young professionals however are frequently not aware. Continue reading

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The Coming of Organizational Transparency: This is the Moment for OSH

The time is here for occupational safety and health professionals to take our seat at the table of corporate governance and transparency is our path. The increase in organizational transparency ushered in by the internet and the use of artificial intelligence to crunch big data into never before seen levels of useful information for all. OSH skills are key to future organizations success. Continue reading

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Job Satisfaction, the Secret Ingredient for Exceptional Employee Involvement

Job satisfaction is a key ingredient in safe workplaces, and we have forgotten that in our rush to more efficient jobs. Continue reading

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CSR at a Darwinian Moment: What is the Path to Sustainability?

“During my tenure as CEO of BP I was an early proponent of CSR, but I think that the idea of connecting with society in this way is now dead.”  That quote stopped me in my tracks as I perused my copy … Continue reading

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