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Technology Designers Must Begin the Journey to Safety

Uber self driving car accidents and the facebook data scraping scandal are the most recent indications of a significant risk in the technology industry: the lack of mature safety processes.  The icons of the “hot industry” of the 21 century … Continue reading

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High Flight Requires Risk

The passing of two of the great aviation masters in the last few weeks started me thinking about what forges great people like them.  The Aerospace Icons I am discussing here are Bob Hoover and John Glenn.  Both made incredible … Continue reading

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1000 Tweets Later…

This blog post will generate my 1001st tweet.  It seems to me that 1000 tweets is a milestone.  I’ll celebrate it here.  I estimate that each tweet averages about 45 seconds to write.  When you do the math, it turns out … Continue reading

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What Does the EU Have for You?

Are you looking for some new perspectives on HSE processes and systems?  With those new perspectives come new ideas as well. Something to differentiate you and your organization from the pack.  Innovation is more than just a way to pad … Continue reading

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Is EHS Verging on Disruption?

If you’re in EHS Cop mode your job is about to be disrupted!  A convergence of technologies is occurring that will have a profound impact on the future of our workplaces as EHS professionals and employees.  Today I want to focus on several … Continue reading

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Evolving Fear into Function

A professional associate and close friend of mine recently earned the honor of speaking at TEDx Lausanne.  His topic was Evolving Fear into Function, which is a pretty provocative subject for a professional whose focus revolves around decreasing risk.  My friend’s name is Andrew … Continue reading

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What if We Had THE Answers?

I ran across this article from Quartz digital magazine and it really got me thinking.  The article is: Big data is leading scientists to ask bigger questions.  The advent of effective distributed processing as open source software has created access to … Continue reading

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What do you Know About Disruptive Innovation?

I have noticed a new term that is often chanted in the business world: “Disruptive Innovation”.  It seems to occur with frightening frequency in the technology sector.  Apple famously disrupted the music recording industry with iTunes as an example.  Can … Continue reading

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Innovations in Environmental Science

I was perusing my Twitter feed yesterday and ran across a collection of articles from Fast Company recapping innovative solutions to environmental issues.  It’s a good collection, I retweeted it, but thought it also worthy of some discussion time on my … Continue reading

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